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Windows 10 Upgrade will "NOT" delete your Files

Before updating to windows 10

Microsoft will generally not update your PC during these times. After doing a file purge the next step is to do a software purge. Back up everything — Over time, you may have filed documents into desktop folders, temporary files, or even a Recycle Bin. Right click SD Controllers, then click uninstall. This is especially the case if you are performing an offline upgrade using USB media. The update will be free for the first year for qualifying Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8. Backup Everything Before You Do! I recommend you choose Not right now.

Before updating to windows 10

To check for drivers, head to your PC manufacturer's support website. Update or Disable Display Adapters Some installations call for more advanced preparation. You can free up some space by clicking the Disk Cleanup button. Common USB storage devices such as external hard disks can also confuse setup, so, if you have those attached, disconnect them. To uninstall a Windows 8 program, go to the Start menu the screen with the tiles , right-click the tile you want to remove, and select Uninstall. Have you got a question? Simply drag and drop the personal files -- documents, photos, videos, music -- you would like to keep safe to the cloud or external drive. Choose one computer and upgrade to Windows How did it go? To that end we recommend you create a text document with your Windows key as well as other software keys all recorded in it and then not only save that document on a flash drive but print it off so you have a hard copy on hand. On the left choose to create a system image, pick the location you want to save it to I chose my external storage drive , click Next, confirm that everything looks good, and then click Start backup. You can find out if you qualify for the free upgrade here. Back up your data to the cloud or an external drive Regardless if you are upgrading to Windows 10 or not, it's always a good idea to back up your data. Another Windows 10 update is coming soon and many individuals are planning to upgrade their personal PCs. Let us know in the comments. That said, while Windows 10 is great at grabbing the drivers it needs, it is a wise idea to predownload the most current and Windowscompatible drivers for the really important stuff on your machine like the network card or Wi-Fi adapter, your GPU, and any other internal cards or peripherals you want back online and running immediately after upgrading. The first tier is a disk image, a virtual snapshot, if you will, of exactly what your computer looked like right before you upgraded it. In addition to an improved design and better functionality , Windows 10 marks the return of a real Start button. Right click SD Controllers, then click uninstall. If there is more than one, right click each, then click Uninstall. For other applications you should consult the paperwork that came with the purchase or the emails your received with the product purchase. In addition to creating your disk image you want to create a separate set of file backups for your personal files, photos, and so on. Your display adapter can actually be an upgrade blocker, too. Also, if you have multiple displays connected, only keep one attached for the duration of the installation. You may need them again if you update to a newer Windows version. This is useful for businesses that need to test applications before installing updates.

Before updating to windows 10

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    Back up your data to the cloud or an external drive Regardless if you are upgrading to Windows 10 or not, it's always a good idea to back up your data. After doing a file purge the next step is to do a software purge.

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    Upgrading to Windows 10? From the desktop, click on the small Windows icon located at the right end of the taskbar, and select the "Check my PC" option from the left menu.

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    Follow the backup rule — With the backup rule , you create 3 copies of your data, store your copies in at least 2 types of storage media, and store 1 of these copies offsite. The best recommendation is to have a simple configuration, no more than a keyboard and mouse.

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