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10 Weird Bottle Openers put to the Test - Part 2

Dating starr bottle openers

The s were the heyday of can piercers with almost every beverage producing some type of can piercer. These companies were prominent through Prohibition in Back is stamped 23, made in USA. Can you give me any idea of value? Back has a October 8, at 9: September 21, at 5: This year we decide to scout for some Coca-Cola items.

Dating starr bottle openers

This year we decide to scout for some Coca-Cola items. March 9, at 8: For the moment, I fairly happy with it. So how old is this piece? Both versions look like this on the front: Then we came across the bottle opener pictured above. Please read the comment section before asking a question as I most likely answered it already. I have an opener much as has been described by many of you. October 29, at I also have one with no patent number on the front. In , Krueger beer became the first canned beverage. Well, we can actually tell by looking at the front and the back. October 4, at 5: However, opener manufacturers of the period did not have to worry as soda was just as popular as beer across the country. May 21, at 4: Since this is from or later, is it worth anything or is it a nice piece of memorabilia to hold on to? You could open a can without needing an opener device. July 6, at July 15, at 3: Any opener made between - the early s would say "Made in the USA". Found it in New Orleans. Below are a few more pictures of the box and the opener, mounted. Finally, any that say "Made in Germany" were built from - According to the information in the article would this opener have been manufactured after? You are commenting using your Facebook account. Opener collecting can be a very satisfying hobby and for the most part, is not too expensive. I found a cast iron bottle opener, it says Drink Coca-Cola, but there is no patent, no Starr, no nothing. Then we came across the bottle opener pictured above.

Dating starr bottle openers

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    Maybe one of the early production using an old already stamped opener?? Hamilton, a citizen of Boston, Massachusetts, filed for a patent on September 18, for dating starr x bottle openers Bottle Cap Puller.

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