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Making Friends As an Adult Is So Much Easier If You Do This

How to find friends as an adult

Most importantly, as you are interacting with a potential friend, tap into how they make you feel. A study by a Dutch sociologist who tracked about a thousand people of all ages found that on average, we lose half of our close network members every seven years. Do they have a big work project? When your friend cares about something, you care about it by proxy. One of the best feelings in the world is having a friend check in on something that is important to you and not them—because you know they are doing it purely to be supportive. You can be different, but you have to love each other for your differences. In the States, most brides wear four unique items on their wedding day for luck or just for fun. Coming in at 4 is: In the most common number was zero.

How to find friends as an adult

Are you a great cook? The fact that both of you are letting down your guard helps to lay the groundwork for a faster, closer personal connection. To learn how to deal with a narcissist, click here. How does he always remember?! Want to try something new? Maybe your friendship muscles have atrophied. Using apps and social media—like Facebook to find a local book club—is also a good way to find simpatico folks. Touch base with old friends and leverage your superconnectors. Bring it up and see if they are interested in joining. This is the most amazing, fulfilling, mushy-gushy part of friendships. Loneliness wreaks health havoc in many ways, particularly because it removes the safety net of social support. But maybe this feels a little awkward. Any tips to share? Listen, Seek Similarity, and Celebrate. Talk about your favorite sports team. Next time you get together, see if that new person can come along. This is just like having a crush on someone, but never asking them out. Just get out there and have an open mind. To learn the four rituals neuroscience says will make you happy, click here. So what do we do? Over the next few weeks, go through more of the wooing steps and ask yourself these three essential questions: Even the best romantic relationships require tune-ups and energy. My friend Margo is amazing at calling me out on stuff I need to change. It also feels so good to know someone is on your team. Now how do you not screw this up?

How to find friends as an adult

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    Listen, Seek Similarity, and Celebrate. If cold introductions make you break a sweat, try signing up for something where interaction is more of a given:

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